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Documentation for package ‘biplotEZ’ version 1.2.0

Help Pages

alpha.bags Create alpha bags
axes Aesthetics for biplot axes
biplot First step to create a new biplot with 'biplotEZ'
CVA Canonical Variate Analysis (CVA) method
CVA.biplot CVA biplot
ellipses Concentration ellipses (kappa-ellipses)
fit.measures Compute measures of fit for biplot.
interpolate Interpolation of new samples
legend.type Legend type
means Aesthetics for biplot class / group means
newsamples Aesthetics for supplementary (new) biplot samples
PCA Principal Component Analysis (PCA) method
PCA.biplot PCA biplot
plot.biplot Generic Plotting function of objects of class biplot
print.biplot Generic print function of objects of class biplot
samples Aesthetics for biplot samples
summary.biplot Generic summary function of objects of class biplot