Compute and Visualize CAPL-2 Scores and Interpretations

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Documentation for package ‘capl’ version 1.42

Help Pages

capitalize_character Capitalize a character vector.
capl_demo_data CAPL demo raw data.
export_capl_data Export CAPL-2 data to an Excel workbook.
get_24_hour_clock Convert 12-hour clock values to 24-hour clock values.
get_adequacy_score Compute an adequacy score.
get_binary_score Compute a binary score.
get_camsa_score Select the maximum CAMSA skill + time score.
get_camsa_skill_time_score Compute the CAMSA skill + time score.
get_camsa_time_score Compute the CAMSA time score.
get_capl Compute all CAPL-2 scores and interpretations at once.
get_capl_bar_plot Render a bar plot for a given CAPL-2 domain score, grouped by CAPL-2 interpretative categories.
get_capl_demo_data Generate CAPL-2 demo (fake) raw data.
get_capl_domain_status Compute the status of a CAPL domain.
get_capl_interpretation Compute a CAPL-2 interpretation for a given CAPL-2 protocol or domain score.
get_capl_score Compute an overall physical literacy score.
get_db_score Compute a daily behaviour domain score.
get_fill_in_the_blanks_score Compute a fill in the blanks score.
get_intrinsic_motivation_score Compute an intrinsic motivation score.
get_ku_score Compute a knowledge and understanding domain score.
get_mc_score Compute a motivation and confidence domain score.
get_missing_capl_variables Add required CAPL-2 variables to a data frame of raw data if they are missing.
get_pacer_20m_laps Convert PACER shuttle run laps to their equivalent in 20-metre laps.
get_pacer_score Compute a PACER score.
get_pa_competence_score Compute a physical activity competence score.
get_pc_score Compute a physical competence domain score.
get_pedometer_wear_time Compute pedometer wear time in decimal hours for a given day.
get_plank_score Compute a plank score.
get_predilection_score Compute a predilection score.
get_self_report_pa_score Compute a score for a response to the self-reported physical activity question.
get_step_average Compute average daily steps taken.
get_step_score Compute a step score.
import_capl_data Import CAPL-2 data from an Excel workbook.
rename_variable Rename variables in a data frame.
validate_age Check whether an age is valid for CAPL-2.
validate_character Check whether a vector is a character and not of length zero or "".
validate_domain_score Check whether a CAPL-2 domain score is valid.
validate_gender Check whether a vector can be classified as "girl" or "boy".
validate_integer Check whether a vector is an integer.
validate_number Check whether a vector is numeric.
validate_scale Check whether a response to a given questionnaire item or scale is valid.
validate_steps Check whether daily steps as measured by a pedometer are valid.