RNA-Seq Profile Classifier

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Documentation for package ‘Allspice’ version 1.0.7

Help Pages

assemble Finish Asset contents
assemble-method Finish Asset contents
assemble<- Finish Asset contents
assemble<--method Finish Asset contents
asset Constructor for Asset
Asset-class Constructor for Asset
bcellALL Simulated data
classifier Constructor for Classifier
Classifier-class Constructor for Classifier
classify Data classification
classify-method Data classification
configuration Asset configuration
configuration-method Asset configuration
configuration<- Asset configuration
configuration<--method Asset configuration
covariates Sample covariate data
covariates-method Sample covariate data
covariates<- Sample covariate data
covariates<--method Sample covariate data
export Data classification
export-method Data classification
information Classifier contents
information-method Classifier contents
nomenclature Variable names
nomenclature-method Variable names
nomenclature<- Variable names
nomenclature<--method Variable names
normalize Sample normalization
normalize-method Sample normalization
predictions Category predictions
predictions-method Category predictions
profiles Sample data profiles
profiles<- Sample data profiles
profiles<--method Sample data profiles
report Visualization of results
report-method Visualization of results
scores Category scores
scores-method Category scores
standardize Data standardization
standardize-method Data standardization
visuals Visual attributes
visuals-method Visual attributes
visuals<- Visual attributes
visuals<--method Visual attributes