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Documentation for package ‘c3’ version 0.3.0

Help Pages

%>% Pipe operator
c3 C3
c3-shiny Shiny bindings for c3
c3Output Shiny bindings for c3
c3_bar Bar Plot
c3_chart_size Chart Size
c3_color Color Palette
c3_colour Colour Palette
c3_donut Donut Charts
c3_gauge Gauge Charts
c3_line Line Plot
c3_mixedGeom Mixed Geometry Plots
c3_pie Pie Charts
c3_scatter Scatter Plots
c3_selection Data Select
c3_viridis Viridis Palette
check_stacked Check groups for stacked plots
grid C3 Grid
grid.c3 C3 Grid
legend C3 Legend Options
legend.c3 C3 Legend Options
point_options Point Options
RColorBrewer RColorBrewer Palette
RColorBrewer.c3 RColorBrewer Palette
region Modify region elements on both x and y axis
region.c3 Modify region elements on both x and y axis
renderC3 Shiny bindings for c3
subchart Add Subchart
subchart.c3 Add Subchart
tickAxis Axis Tick Options
tooltip C3 Tooltips
tooltip.c3 C3 Tooltips
xAxis C3 Axis
xAxis.c3 C3 Axis
y2Axis C3 Axis
y2Axis.c3 C3 Axis
yAxis C3 Axis
yAxis.c3 C3 Axis
zoom Add C3 Zoom
zoom.c3 Add C3 Zoom