Association Rule Classification

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Documentation for package ‘arc’ version 1.4

Help Pages

applyCut Apply Cut Points to Vector
applyCuts Apply Cut Points to Data Frame
cba CBA Classifier
cbaCSV Example CBA Workflow with CSV Input
cbaIris Test CBA Workflow on Iris Dataset
cbaIrisNumeric Test CBA Workflow on Iris Dataset with numeric target
CBARuleModel CBARuleModel
CBARuleModel-class CBARuleModel
CBARuleModelAccuracy Prediction Accuracy
cba_manual CBA Classifier from provided rules
discretizeUnsupervised Unsupervised Discretization
discrNumeric Discretize Numeric Columns In Data frame
getAppearance Method that generates items for values in given data frame column.
getConfVectorForROC Returns vector with confidences for the positive class (useful for ROC or AUC computation)
humtemp Comfort level based on temperature and humidity of the environment
mdlp2 Supervised Discretization
predict.CBARuleModel Apply Rule Model
prune Classifier Builder
topRules Rule Generation