Additive Profile Clustering Algorithms

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Documentation for package ‘adproclus’ version 1.0.2

Help Pages

adpc Constructor for a (low dimensional) ADPROCLUS solution object
adproclus Additive profile clustering
adproclus_low_dim Low dimensional ADPROCLUS
CGdata Randomly generated data with underlying overlapping clusters.
get_random Generate initial random start
get_rational Generate start allocation based on a priori profiles
get_semirandom Generate initial semi-random start
plot.adpc Plotting a (low dimensional) ADPROCLUS solution
plot_cluster_network Network plot of a (low dimensional) ADPROCLUS solution
plot_profiles Plot profile matrix of ADPROCLUS solution
plot_vars_by_comp Plot variable to component matrix of ADPROCLUS solution
print.adpc Print basic information on ADPROCLUS solution
print.summary.adpc Print (low dimensional) ADPROCLUS summary
summary.adpc Summary of ADPROCLUS solution