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Documentation for package ‘benchmarkme’ version 1.0.8

Help Pages

benchmarkme-package The benchmarkme package
benchmarkme The benchmarkme package
benchmark_io IO benchmarks
benchmark_matrix_cal Matrix calculation benchmarks
benchmark_matrix_fun Matrix function benchmarks
benchmark_prog Programming benchmarks
benchmark_std Run standard benchmarks
bm_matrix_cal_cross_product Matrix calculation benchmarks
bm_matrix_cal_lm Matrix calculation benchmarks
bm_matrix_cal_manip Matrix calculation benchmarks
bm_matrix_cal_power Matrix calculation benchmarks
bm_matrix_cal_sort Matrix calculation benchmarks
bm_matrix_fun_cholesky Matrix function benchmarks
bm_matrix_fun_determinant Matrix function benchmarks
bm_matrix_fun_eigen Matrix function benchmarks
bm_matrix_fun_fft Matrix function benchmarks
bm_matrix_fun_inverse Matrix function benchmarks
bm_parallel Benchmark in parallel
bm_prog_escoufier Programming benchmarks
bm_prog_fib Programming benchmarks
bm_prog_gcd Programming benchmarks
bm_prog_hilbert Programming benchmarks
bm_prog_toeplitz Programming benchmarks
bm_read IO benchmarks
bm_write IO benchmarks
create_bundle Upload benchmark results
get_available_benchmarks Available benchmarks
get_byte_compiler Byte compiler status
get_cpu CPU Description
get_linear_algebra Get BLAS and LAPACK libraries Extract the the blas/lapack from 'sessionInfo()'
get_platform_info Platform information
get_ram Get the amount of RAM
get_r_version R version
get_sys_details General system information
plot.ben_results Compare results to past tests
rank_results Benchmark rankings
sample_results Sample benchmarking results
upload_results Upload benchmark results