Migration Traffic Rate Calculation Package for 'Birdscan MR1' Radars

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Documentation for package ‘birdscanR’ version 0.1.2

Help Pages

addDayNightInfoPerEcho addDayNightInfoPerEcho
classAbbreviations Default class abbreviations table of the birdscanR package
computeMTR computeMTR
computeObservationTime computeObservationTime
convertTimeZone Converts timestamps from radar time zone to an user-defined time zone
createTimeBins createTimeBins
extractDbData Extract DB Data
filterData filterData
filterEchoData filterEchoData
filterProtocolData filterProtocolData
getCollectionTable Get BirdScan collection table
getEchoFeatures Get BirdScan echo features
getEchoValidationTable Get a BirdScan echo validation table
getManualVisibilityTable Get manual visibility table
getProtocolTable Get BirdScan protocol table
getRadarTable Get a BirdScan radar table
getRfClassification Get a BirdScan 'rfClassification' table
getSiteTable Get BirdScan site table
getTimeBinsTable Get BirdScan time bins table
getVisibilityTable Get BirdScan visibility table
loadManualBlindTimes loadManualBlindTimes
manualBlindTimes Example file on how to include manual blind times for your 'Birdscan MR1' database.
mergeVisibilityAndManualBlindTimes mergeVisibilityAndManualBlindTimes
plotExploration plotExploration
plotLongitudinalMTR plotLongitudinalMTR
QUERY Query 'SQL' database
saveMTR saveMTR
savePlotToFile savePlotToFile
twilight Calculate the twilight hours for given locations