Format Outputs of Statistical Tests According to APA Guidelines

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Documentation for package ‘apa’ version 0.3.4

Help Pages

anova_apa Report ANOVA in APA style
apa APA Formatting for RMarkdown Reports
chisq_apa Report Chi-squared test in APA style
cohens_d Cohen's d Cohen's d
cohens_d.default Cohen's d
cohens_d.formula Cohen's d
cohens_d.htest Cohen's d
cohens_d_ Cohen's d
cor_apa Report Correlation in APA style
petasq Partial Eta Squared
petasq_ Partial Eta Squared
t_apa Report t-Test in APA style
t_test Student's t-Test
t_test.default Student's t-Test
t_test.formula Student's t-Test