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Documentation for package ‘echor’ version 0.1.6

Help Pages

downloadDMRs Download Multiple DMRs
echoAirGetFacilityInfo Downloads EPA ECHO permitted air emitter information
echoAirGetMeta Downloads EPA ECHO Air Facility Metadata
echoGetCAAPR Download EPA ECHO emissions inventory report data
echoGetEffluent Downloads EPA ECHO DMR records of dischargers with NPDES permits
echoGetFacilities Downloads permitted facility information
echoGetReports Downloads self reported discharge and emissions data
echoSDWGetMeta Downloads EPA ECHO Safe Drinking Water Facilities Metadata
echoSDWGetSystems Downloads public water system information
echoWaterGetFacilityInfo Downloads EPA ECHO water facility information
echoWaterGetMeta Downloads EPA ECHO Water Facility Metadata
echoWaterGetParams Search parameter codes for Clean Water Act permits on EPA ECHO