Monitor Changes in Cluster Solutions of Dynamic Datasets

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Documentation for package ‘clusTransition’ version 1.0

Help Pages

Clustering Class Clustering
Clustering, Overlap
Clustering-class Class Clustering
Clustering-method Overlap
Clusters Clustering.
Clusters-method Clustering.
Data2D Synthetic Datasets (Two Dimensional)
Data3D Synthetic Datasets (Three Dimensional)
extTransitionCan External Transition Candidate.
extTransitionCan-method External Transition Candidate.
extTransitionCount External Transition Count
extTransitionCount-method External Transition Count
internalTransition Internal Transition Candidates.
internalTransition-method Internal Transition Candidates.
intTransitionCan Internal Transition Candidates
intTransitionCan-class Internal Transition Candidates
Monic An S4 class that contain time steps
moplot plot Method for output
moplot-method plot Method for output
OverLap Overlap between clusters
Overlap Overlap
OverLap, Overlap
OverLap,ANY,ANY-methods Overlap
OverLap-class Overlap between clusters
Overlap-method Overlap
show-method Show Method for output
Transition Monitor Transitions in Cluster Solutions.
TransitionCan External Transition Candidates
TransitionCan-class External Transition Candidates
TransitionCount External Transition Count
TransitionCount-class External Transition Count