Functions for Atomic Force Microscope Force-Distance Curves Analysis

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Documentation for package ‘afmToolkit’ version 0.0.1

Help Pages

afmAdhesionEnergy Adhesion Energy
afmBaselineCorrection Performs a baseline correction to an AFM F-z curve
afmContactPoint Contact point
afmdata AFM data
afmDetachPoint Detach point
afmExpDecay Exponential decay fit
afmexperiment AFM experiment
afmExtract Extract computed parameters from an afmexperiment
afmIndentation afmIndentation
afmReadJPK Read Nanowizard JPK ascii file
afmReadJPKFolder Read all Nanowizard JPK ascii files in a folder
afmReadVeeco Read Bruke Nanoscope Veeco ascii file
afmReadVeecoFolder Read all Bruke Nanoscope Veeco ascii files in a folder
afmYoungModulus afmYoungModulus
afmZeroPointSlope Zero Force Point and Slope
append.afmdata Append to an 'afmdata' list.
batchExperiment Example of an afmexperiment data class.
is.afmdata Afmdata check.
is.afmexperiment Afmexperiment check.
plot.afmdata Plot an afmdata object
summary.afmdata Summary of an 'afmdata' class object.
windowedFit Linear fit in a running window