Estimate and Manipulate Age-Depth Models

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Documentation for package ‘admtools’ version 0.2.0

Help Pages

add_adm_to_multiadm add adm object ot multiadm object
CarboCATLite_data Example data from CarboCATLite
condensation condensation with height
condensation_fun condensation function
flux_const constant deterministic tracer flux
flux_linear linear deterministic tracer flux
flux_quad quadratic deterministic tracer flux
get_completeness Determine stratigraphic (in)completeness
get_data_from_eTimeOpt extract data from eTimeOpt results
get_height determine stratigraphic height deposited at specific time
get_hiat_duration extract hiatus duration
get_hiat_list extract hiatus info
get_hiat_no get no. of hiatuses
get_hiat_pos get hiatus positions
get_incompleteness Determine stratigraphic (in)completeness
get_L_unit extract length unit
get_time Determine times based on age-depth model
get_total_duration Total duration covered
get_total_thickness get thickness
get_T_unit extract Time unit
is_adm Is an adm object a valid age-depth model
is_destructive Is deposition destructive?
is_multiadm is valid multiadm object?
is_sac is valid sac objects
L_axis_lab plot height axis label
make_legend plot legend
merge_adm_to_multiadm combine multiple adm ojects into multiadm object
merge_multiadm merge multiple multiadm objects
plot.adm plotting adm objects
plot.multiadm plot multiadm object
plot.sac plot sediment accumulation curve
plot_condensation plot condensation in height
plot_erosive_intervals mark erosive time intervals
plot_sed_rate_l plot sed. rate in height
plot_sed_rate_t plot sedimentation rate in time
sac_to_adm turn sed. acc curve into adm
sedrate_to_multiadm Estimate age-depth model from sedimentation rates & tie points
sed_rate_from_matrix make sed rate gen from matrix
sed_rate_gen_from_bounds seg rate gen from upper/lower bounds
sed_rate_l sedimentation rate in stratigraphic height
sed_rate_l_fun sed rate in height function
sed_rate_t sedimentation rate in time domain
sed_rate_t_fun sedimentation rate function
set_L_unit set length units
set_T_unit set time units
split_multiadm split multiadm objects into adm
strat_cont_gen_from_tracer proxy values in strat domain
strat_cont_to_multiadm estimate age-depth model from tracer
strat_to_time transform objects from strat. to time domain
strat_to_time.list transform list from height to time domain
summary.adm summary of age-depth model
summary.multiadm summary of age-depth model
time_to_strat transform objects from time domain to strat. domain
time_to_strat.list transform list from time to height domain
tp_height_det deterministic tie points height domain
tp_time_floating_scale tie points for floating time scale
tp_time_norm time tie points with normal distribution
tp_to_adm Construct age-depth model from tie points
tp_to_sac define sed. acc. curve
T_axis_lab plot time axis label