Boltzmann Bayes Learner

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Documentation for package ‘bbl’ version 1.0.0

Help Pages

bbl Boltzmann Bayes Learning Inference bbl Inference with model matrix
crossVal Cross-Validation of BB Learning
fitted.bbl Fitted Response Group Probabilities
fitted.values Fitted Response Group Probabilities
formula.bbl Formula in BBL Fitting
freq2raw Convert Frequency Table into Raw Data
logLik.bbl Log likelihood for bbl object
mcSample Sample Predictor Distributions
mlestimate Maximum likelihood estimate
model.frame.bbl Model Frame for BBL
nobs.bbl Number of Observations in BBL Fit
plot.bbl Plot bbl object Plot Cross-validation Outcome
predict.bbl Predict Response Group Using 'bbl' Model Predict using Cross-validation Object
print.bbl Print Boltzmann Bayes Learning Fits Display Cross-validation Result
print.summary.bbl Print Summary of Boltzmann Bayes Learning
randompar Generate Random Parameters
randomsamp Generate Random Boltzmann Bayes Model Data
readFasta Read FASTA File
removeConst Remove Non-varying Predictors
residuals.bbl Residuals of BBL fit
sample_xi Generate Random Samples from Boltzmann Distribution
summary.bbl Naive Bayes Summary
weights.bbl Weights in BBL Fit