Visualization of Design of Experiments from the 'agricolae' Package

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Documentation for package ‘agricolaeplotr’ version 0.2.2

Help Pages

plot_alpha Plot Alpha design Experiments
plot_bib Plot Randomized Balanced Incomplete Block Designs
plot_cyclic Plot Cyclic Design
plot_dau Plot Design of Augmented Blocks (dau)
plot_design.factorial_crd Plot Factorial Complete Randomized Designs (crd)
plot_design.factorial_lsd Plot Factorial Latin Square Designs (lsd)
plot_design.factorial_rcbd Plot Factorial Designs with rcbd Design
plot_design_crd Plot Complete Randomized Design
plot_graeco Plot Graeco Latin Square Design
plot_latin_square Plot Latin Square Design
plot_lattice_simple Plot Simple Lattice Design
plot_lattice_triple Plot Triple Lattice Design
plot_rcdb Plot randomized complete block designs
plot_split_crd Plot Split Plot Designs (crd)
plot_split_lsd Plot Split Plot Design lsd
plot_split_rcbd Plot Split Plot Designs with rcbd
plot_strip Plot Strip Design
plot_youden Plot Youden Design
test_input_height Test if input for height is numeric
test_input_ncols checks matrix column input
test_input_nrows checks matrix rows input
test_input_reverse_x Test if input is a logical
test_input_reverse_y Test if input is a logical
test_input_width Test if input for width is numeric
test_names_design Test of experimental design
test_name_in_column Test if input column names
test_string Test if input is a string
theme_poster ggplot2 theme for poster presentation
theme_pres ggplot2 theme for outdoor presentation