Methods to Analyse Ring Re-Encounter Data

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Documentation for package ‘birdring’ version 1.6

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birdring-package Methods to Analyse Bird Ring Reencounter data
birdstate Transformation of condition into state
bootci.dc Division coefficient
circumstances EURING-code for finding circumstances
coastEU coordinates of the coastline of Europe
coastpaleo coordinates of the palearctic coastline
codes2names Transforms codes of circumstances, condition, species and sheme into string
conditions EURING-code for finding conditions
critical.check.ringing.event Checking whether Ringing Event Exists for each Individual Bird.
dayofyear The day of the year
dc Division coefficient
decimal.coord decimal coordinates
dmvnorm Multivariate Normal Density and Random Deviates - this function is a copy of the function in the package mvtnorm Draws a map of the palearctic region
lancol Example data set of EURING2000 format
loxodrom.dir loxodromic distance and direction
loxodrom.dist loxodromic distance and direction Convert to Julian Dates - this is a copy of the function from the package date
mercatorlat gives the streching factor of the latitude to draw a mercator map
orthodrom.dist orthodromic distance and direction
overlap Overlap between the prior and posterior distribution
place2name Decode Euring place codes
places EURING-code for finding locations
read.euring2000 Reads EURING data into R
read.euring2000plus Reads EURING data of the format 2000\+ into R
scheme2country Gives the country name from the scheme code
schemes EURING-code for ringing scheme
species EURING-code for species