Connect to an OMOP Common Data Model

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Documentation for package ‘CDMConnector’ version 0.1.0

Help Pages

cdm_from_con Create a CDM reference object from a database connection
cdm_from_files Create a CDM reference from a folder containing parquet, csv, or feather files
collect.cdm_reference Bring a remote CDM reference into R
dbConnect-method Connect to a database using stored connection details
dbConnectDetails Save database connection information in an object
dbms Get the database management system (dbms) from a cdm_reference or DBI connection
eunomia_dir Create a new Eunomia CDM
listTables List tables in a schema
print.cdm_reference Print a CDM reference object
stow Collect a list of lazy queries and save the results as files
tbl_group CDM table selection helper
validate_cdm Validation report for a CDM