Data Analysis and Automated R Notebook Generation

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Documentation for package ‘analyzer’ version 1.0.1

Help Pages

anderson.test Anderson Darling test
association Find association between variables
CCassociation Association (Correlation) between Continuous (numeric) Variables
consoleBoxplot Boxplot on the console
CQassociation Association (Correlation) between Continuous-Categorical Variables
Cx Plots for Continuous independent variables
CxCy Plots for Continuous independent and dependent variables
explainer Generic explainer
explainer.character Explain method for character data types Show details of the data frame
explainer.factor Explain method for factor data types
explainer.numeric Explain method for numeric data types
freqTable Frequency table and Histogram
GenerateReport Generate the report
kurtosis Kurtosis
linedivider Draws a horizontal line on console
mergeAnalyzer Analyze data for merging
norm_test_fun Checks for Normality Assumption
plot.analyzerPlot Plots a plot of class 'analyzerPlot'
plotNA Missing value visualization using ggplot2
plottr Creates plots for the variables in a data.frame
print.analyzerPlot Method for print generic
QQassociation Association (Correlation) between Categorical Variables
skewness Skewness