Annotate Package Load Calls

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Documentation for package ‘annotater’ version 0.2.2

Help Pages

align_annotations Vertical alignment of package annotations
annotate_active_file Annotate Active File
annotate_fun_calls Annotate Function Calls
annotate_fun_calls_active_file Annotate Function Calls in Active File
annotate_pkg_calls Annotate Package Calls
annotate_repostitle Annotate Package Titles and Repository Sources
annotate_repostitle_active Annotate Titles and Repositories in Active File
annotate_repos_active_file Annotate Repositories in Active File
annotate_repo_source Annotate Repository Sources
annotate_script Annotate Script
expand_metapackages Expand metapackages
expand_metapackages_active_file Expand metapackages in Active File
match_pkg_names Match Package Names
pkg_version Retrieve Package Version
repo_details Retrieve Repo Details