A New Age-Period-Cohort Model for Describing and Investigating Inter-Cohort Differences and Life Course Dynamics

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Documentation for package ‘APCI’ version 1.0.7

Help Pages

ageperiod_group Get the cohort index matrix for any age and period groups
apci Run APC-I model
apci.bar Make barplot for cohort effect
apci.plot Plotting age and period raw scores and APC-I model results
apci.plot.heatmap Plot the heatmap for APC-I model
apci.plot.hexagram Plot the hexagram heatmap
apci.plot.raw Plotting age and period patterns
blackmen Black Men
blackwomen Black Women
cohortdeviation Calculate cohort deviation
compute_xcoordinate Calculate x coordinate value
compute_ycoordinate Calculate y coordinate value
cpsmen Labor force participation data for men from 1990 to 1979 in CPS
cpswomen Labor force participation data for women from 1990 to 1979 in CPS
maineffect Estimate age effect and period effect
simulation Simulated Dataset
temp_model Estimate APC-I model
tests Local and global F test
whitemen White Men
whitewomen White Women
women9017 women9017