A New Age-Period-Cohort Model for Describing and Investigating Inter-Cohort Differences and Life Course Dynamics

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Documentation for package ‘APCI’ version 0.1.0

Help Pages

apci run apci model
apci.bar make bar plot
apci.plot plot
apci.plot.heatmap plot the heatmap for APC-I model
apci.plot.hexagram plot the hexagram heatmap
apci.plot.raw plot the raw scores
blackmen Black Men
blackwomen Black Women
cohortdeviation calculate cohort deviation
compute_xcoordinate calculate x coordinate value
compute_ycoordinate calculate y coordinate value
maineffect estimate age effect and period effect
simulation Simulated Dataset
temp_model Estimate APC-I model
tests local and global F test
whitemen White Men
whitewomen White Women
women9017 women9017