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Documentation for package ‘charlatan’ version 0.5.1

Help Pages

charlatan-package charlatan
available_locales_df Available locales
BaseProvider BaseProvider
charlatan charlatan
charlatan_locales Available locales
charlatan_settings charlatan settings
ch_beta Create numbers
ch_color Create fake colors
ch_color_name Create fake colors
ch_company Create fake company names and other company bits
ch_credit Create fake credit card data
ch_credit_card_number Create fake credit card data
ch_credit_card_provider Create fake credit card data
ch_credit_card_security_code Create fake credit card data
ch_currency Create fake currencies
ch_date_time Create dates and times
ch_doi Create fake DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers)
ch_double Create numbers
ch_element_element Get elements
ch_element_symbol Get elements
ch_generate Generate a fake dataset
ch_gene_sequence Create fake gene sequences
ch_hex_color Create fake colors
ch_integer Create numbers
ch_job Create fake jobs
ch_lat Create fake coordinates
ch_lnorm Create numbers
ch_lon Create fake coordinates
ch_missing Create missing data
ch_name Create fake person names
ch_norm Create numbers
ch_phone_number Create fake phone numbers
ch_position Create fake coordinates
ch_rgb_color Create fake colors
ch_rgb_css_color Create fake colors
ch_safe_color_name Create fake colors
ch_safe_hex_color Create fake colors
ch_ssn Create fake Social Security Numbers
ch_taxonomic_epithet Create fake taxonomic names
ch_taxonomic_genus Create fake taxonomic names
ch_taxonomic_species Create fake taxonomic names
ch_timezone Create dates and times
ch_unif Create numbers
ch_unix_time Create dates and times
coordinates Create fake coordinates
date_time Create dates and times
elements Get elements
fraudster Fraudster - catch all client to make all types of fake data
numerics Create numbers
taxonomy Create fake taxonomic names