Retrieve and Analyze Clinical Trials in Public Registers

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Documentation for package ‘ctrdata’ version 1.17.2

Help Pages

ctrdata-package ctrdata: get started, database connection, function overview
ctrdata ctrdata: get started, database connection, function overview
ctrdata-registers ctrdata: information on clinical trial registers
ctrFindActiveSubstanceSynonyms Find synonyms of an active substance
ctrGetQueryUrl Get query details
ctrLoadQueryIntoDb Load and store register trial information
ctrOpenSearchPagesInBrowser Open reigster to show query results or search page
dbFindFields Find names of fields in the database collection
dbFindIdsUniqueTrials Get identifiers of deduplicated trial records
dbGetFieldsIntoDf Create data frame of specified fields from database collection
dbQueryHistory Show history of queries loaded into a database collection
dfMergeVariablesRelevel Merge variables, keeping type, and optionally relevel factors
dfName2Value Get value for variable of interest
dfTrials2Long Convert data frame with trial records into long format