Retrieve and Analyze Clinical Trials in Public Registers

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Documentation for package ‘ctrdata’ version 1.8.0

Help Pages

ctrFindActiveSubstanceSynonyms Find synonyms of an active substance
ctrGetQueryUrl Extract query parameters and register name from input or from clipboard into which the URL of a register search was copied
ctrGetQueryUrlFromBrowser Import from clipboard the URL of a search in one of the registers
ctrLoadQueryIntoDb Retrieve or update information on clinical trials from register and store in database
ctrOpenSearchPagesInBrowser Open advanced search pages of register(s) or execute search in browser
dbFindFields Find names of fields in the database collection
dbFindIdsUniqueTrials Deduplicate records to provide unique clinical trial identifiers
dbGetFieldsIntoDf Create data frame by extracting specified fields from database collection
dbQueryHistory Show the history of queries that were loaded into a database
dfListExtractKey Extract named element(s) from list(s) into long-format data frame
dfMergeTwoVariablesRelevel Merge two variables into one, optionally map values to new levels
dfName2Value Extract information of interest (e.g., endpoint) from long data frame of protocol- or result-related trial information as returned by dfTrials2Long
dfTrials2Long Extract trial information into long format
installCygwinWindowsDoInstall Convenience function to install a minimal cygwin environment under MS Windows, including perl, sed and php