Creates Co-Occurrence Matrices of Spatial Data

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Documentation for package ‘comat’ version 0.9.5

Help Pages

get_cocoma Create a co-located co-occurrence matrix (cocoma)
get_cocove Create a co-located co-occurrence vector (cocove)
get_coma Create a co-occurrence matrix (coma)
get_cove Create a co-occurrence vector (cove)
get_incoma Create an integrated co-occurrence matrix (incoma)
get_incove Create an integrated co-occurrence vector (incove)
get_wecoma Create a weighted co-occurrence matrix (wecoma)
get_wecove Create a weighted co-occurrence vector (wecove)
it_metric Calculates an Information Theory-based metric
raster_w A matrix with weights
raster_w_na A matrix with weights and missing values
raster_x A matrix with categories
raster_x_na A matrix with categories and missing values
raster_y A matrix with categories