Search and Retrieve Data from the BC Data Catalogue

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Documentation for package ‘bcdata’ version 0.2.4

Help Pages

BBOX CQL Geometry Predicates
bcdc_browse Load the B.C. Data Catalogue URL into an HTML browser
bcdc_check_geom_size Check spatial objects for WFS spatial operations
bcdc_describe_feature Describe the attributes of a Web Feature Service
bcdc_get_data Download and read a resource from a B.C. Data Catalogue record
bcdc_get_record Show a single B.C. Data Catalogue record
bcdc_list Return a full list of the names of B.C. Data Catalogue records
bcdc_list_groups Retrieve group information for B.C. Data Catalogue
bcdc_list_group_records Retrieve group information for B.C. Data Catalogue
bcdc_options Retrieve options used in bcdata, their value if set and the default value.
bcdc_preview Get preview map from the B.C. Web Map Service
bcdc_query_geodata Query data from the B.C. Web Feature Service
bcdc_read_functions Formats supported and loading functions
bcdc_search Search the B.C. Data Catalogue
bcdc_search_facets Get the valid values for a facet (that you can use in 'bcdc_search()')
bcdc_tidy_resources Provide a data frame containing the metadata for all resources from a single B.C. Data Catalogue record
CONTAINS CQL Geometry Predicates
CQL CQL escaping
cql_geom_predicates CQL Geometry Predicates
CROSSES CQL Geometry Predicates
DISJOINT CQL Geometry Predicates
DWITHIN CQL Geometry Predicates
EQUALS CQL Geometry Predicates
INTERSECTS CQL Geometry Predicates
OVERLAPS CQL Geometry Predicates
TOUCHES CQL Geometry Predicates
WITHIN CQL Geometry Predicates