Visualization and Estimation of Effect Sizes

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Documentation for package ‘esvis’ version 0.3.1

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auc Compute the Area Under the pp_plot Curve Calculates the area under the 'pp' curve. The area under the curve is also a useful effect-size like statistic, representing the probability that a randomly selected individual from the 'x' distribution will have a higher value than a randomly selected individual from the 'y' distribution.
benchmarks Synthetic benchmark screening data
binned_es Calculate binned effect sizes
binned_plot Quantile-binned effect size plot
coh_d Compute Cohen's _d_
ecdf_plot Empirical Cumulative Distribution Plot
hedg_g Compute Hedges' _g_ This function calculates effect sizes in terms of Hedges' _g_, also called the corrected (for sample size) effect size. See 'coh_d' for the uncorrected version. Also see Lakens (2013) for a discussion on different types of effect sizes and their interpretation. Note that missing data are removed from the calculations of the means and standard deviations.
pac Compute the proportion above a specific cut location
pac_compare Compute the difference in the proportion above a specific cut location
pp_plot Produces the paired probability plot for two groups
seda Portion of the Stanford Educational Data Archive (SEDA).
star Data from the Tennessee class size experiment
tpac Transformed proportion above the cut
tpac_compare Compare Transformed Proportion Above the Cut
v Calculate the V effect size statistic