Dataset Shift with Outlier Scores

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Documentation for package ‘dsos’ version 0.1.1

Help Pages

at_from_os Asymptotic Test from Outlier Scores
at_oob Asymptotic Test With Out-Of-Bag Scores
plot.outlier.test Plot result of test for no adverse shift.
print.outlier.test Print result of test for no adverse shift.
pt_from_os Permutation Test from Outlier Scores
pt_oob Permutation Test With Out-Of-Bag Scores
pt_refit Permutation Test By Refitting
score_cp Predict Class Probability (Sample Membership)
score_od Predict Isolation Scores
score_rd Predict Out-of-bag Errors (Residuals)
score_rue Predict Resampling Uncertainty (Prediction Confidence)
split_cp Split Samples And Predict Class Probability (Sample Membership)
wauc_from_os Weighted AUC from Outlier Scores