Workflow for Cluster Randomised Trials with Spillover

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Documentation for package ‘CRTspat’ version 1.2.0

Help Pages

aggregateCRT Aggregate data across records with duplicated locations
anonymize_site Anonymize locations of a trial site
coef.CRTanalysis Extract model coefficients
compute_distance Compute distance or surround values for a cluster randomized trial
compute_mesh 'compute_mesh' create objects required for INLA analysis of an object of class '"CRTsp"'.
CRTanalysis Analysis of cluster randomized trial with spillover
CRTpower Power and sample size calculations for a CRT
CRTsp Create or update a '"CRTsp"' object
CRTwrite Export of GIS layer from "CRTsp"
fitted.CRTanalysis Extract model fitted values
latlong_as_xy Convert lat long co-ordinates to x,y
plotCRT Graphical displays of the geography of a CRT
predict.CRTanalysis Model predictions
randomizeCRT Randomize a two-armed cluster randomized trial
readdata Read example dataset
residuals.CRTanalysis Extract model residuals
simulateCRT Simulation of cluster randomized trial with spillover
specify_buffer Specification of buffer zone in a cluster randomized trial
specify_clusters Algorithmically assign locations to clusters in a CRT
summary.CRTanalysis Summary of the results of a statistical analysis of a CRT
summary.CRTsp Summary description of a '"CRTsp"' object