Utility Functions and Development Tools for the Admiral Package Family

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Documentation for package ‘admiraldev’ version 1.1.0

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%notin% Negated Value Matching
%or% Or
add_suffix_to_vars Add a Suffix to Variables in a List of Expressions
anti_join Join Functions
arg_name Extract Argument Name from an Expression
assert_atomic_vector Is an Argument an Atomic Vector?
assert_character_scalar Is an Argument a Character Scalar (String)?
assert_character_vector Is an Argument a Character Vector?
assert_data_frame Is an Argument a Data Frame?
assert_date_var Is a Variable in a Dataset a Date or Datetime Variable?
assert_date_vector Is an object a date or datetime vector?
assert_expr Assert Argument is an Expression
assert_expr_list Is an Argument a List of Expressions?
assert_filter_cond Is an Argument a Filter Condition?
assert_function Is Argument a Function?
assert_function_param Assert Argument is a Parameter of a Function
assert_has_variables Does a Dataset Contain All Required Variables?
assert_integer_scalar Is an Argument an Integer Scalar?
assert_list_element Is an Element of a List of Lists/Classes Fulfilling a Condition?
assert_list_of Is an Argument a List of Objects of a Specific S3 Class or Type?
assert_logical_scalar Is an Argument a Logical Scalar (Boolean)?
assert_named Assert Argument is a Named List or Vector
assert_named_exprs Assert Argument is a Named List of Expressions
assert_numeric_vector Is an Argument a Numeric Vector?
assert_one_to_one Is There a One to One Mapping between Variables?
assert_param_does_not_exist Asserts That a Parameter Does Not Exist in the Dataset
assert_s3_class Is an Argument an Object of a Specific S3 Class?
assert_same_type Are All Argument of the Same Type?
assert_symbol Is an Argument a Symbol?
assert_unit Asserts That a Parameter is Provided in the Expected Unit
assert_vars Is an Argument a List of Variables?
assert_varval_list Is an Argument a Variable-Value List?
backquote Wrap a String in Backquotes
contains_vars check that argument contains valid variable(s) created with 'exprs()' or Source Variables from a List of Expressions
convert_dtm_to_dtc Helper Function to Convert Date (or Date-time) Objects to Characters of dtc Format (-DTC type of variable)
dataset_vignette Output a Dataset in a Vignette in the admiral Format
dquote Wrap a String in Double Quotes
enumerate Enumerate Multiple Elements
expect_dfs_equal Expectation: Are Two Datasets Equal?
expr_c Concatenate One or More Expressions
extract_vars Extract All Symbols from a List of Expressions
filter_if Optional Filter
friendly_type_of Return English-friendly messaging for object-types
get_constant_vars Get Constant Variables
get_dataset Retrieve a Dataset from the 'admiraldev_environment' environment
get_duplicates Get Duplicates From a Vector
get_new_tmp_var Get a New Temporary Variable Name for a Dataset
get_source_vars Get Source Variables from a List of Expressions
inner_join Join Functions
is_auto Checks if the argument equals the auto keyword
is_order_vars Is order vars?
is_valid_dtc Is this string a valid DTC
left_join Join Functions
process_set_values_to Process 'set_values_to' Argument
remove_tmp_vars Remove All Temporary Variables Created Within the Current Function Environment
replace_symbol_in_expr Replace Symbols in an Expression
replace_values_by_names Replace Expression Value with Name
squote Wrap a String in Single Quotes
suppress_warning Suppress Specific Warnings
valid_time_units Valid Time Units
vars2chr Turn a List of Expressions into a Character Vector
warn_if_incomplete_dtc Warn if incomplete dtc
warn_if_inconsistent_list Warn If Two Lists are Inconsistent
warn_if_invalid_dtc Warn If a Vector Contains Unknown Datetime Format
warn_if_vars_exist Warn If a Variable Already Exists
what_is_it What Kind of Object is This?