Ranking Methods for Competition Results

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Documentation for package ‘comperank’ version 0.1.1

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comperank-package comperank: Ranking and Rating Methods for Competition Results
add_elo_ratings Elo method
add_iterative_ratings Iterative rating method
colley Colley method
comperank comperank: Ranking and Rating Methods for Competition Results
elo Elo method
iterative Iterative rating method
keener Keener method
markov Markov method
massey Massey method
normalize_keener Keener method
offense-defense Offense-Defense method
rank_colley Colley method
rank_elo Elo method
rank_iterative Iterative rating method
rank_keener Keener method
rank_markov Markov method
rank_massey Massey method
rank_od Offense-Defense method
rate_colley Colley method
rate_elo Elo method
rate_iterative Iterative rating method
rate_keener Keener method
rate_markov Markov method
rate_massey Massey method
rate_od Offense-Defense method
rating-ranking Definition of Rating and Ranking
round_rank Rank vector after rounding
skew_keener Keener method
snooker_events Snooker events
snooker_matches Snooker matches
snooker_players Snooker players
stoch-modifiers Stochastic matrix modifiers
teleport Stochastic matrix modifiers
vote_equal Stochastic matrix modifiers
vote_self Stochastic matrix modifiers