Distributed Representations of Sentences, Documents and Topics

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Documentation for package ‘doc2vec’ version 0.2.0

Help Pages

as.matrix.paragraph2vec Get the document or word vectors of a paragraph2vec model
be_parliament_2020 Corpus with Questions asked in the Belgium Federal Parliament in 2020
paragraph2vec Train a paragraph2vec also known as doc2vec model on text
paragraph2vec_similarity Similarity between document / word vectors as used in paragraph2vec
predict.paragraph2vec Predict functionalities for a paragraph2vec model
read.paragraph2vec Read a binary paragraph2vec model from disk
summary.top2vec Get summary information of a top2vec model
top2vec Distributed Representations of Topics
txt_count_words Count the number of spaces occurring in text
update.top2vec Update a Top2vec model
write.paragraph2vec Save a paragraph2vec model to disk