Cancer Rule Set Optimization ('crso')

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Documentation for package ‘crso’ version 0.1.1

Help Pages

buildRuleLibrary Make full rule library of all rules that satisfy minimum coverage threshold.
evaluateListOfIMs Evaluate list of rule set matrices
getBestRsList Get list of best rule sets of size K for all K
getCoreK Determine core K from phase 3 tpl and til
getCoreRS Get core rules from phase 3 tpl and til
getGCDs Get Generalized Core Duos
getGCEs Get Generalized Core Events
getGCRs Get Generalized Core Rules
getPoolSizes Get pool sizes for phase 2
getRulesAsStrings Represent binary rule matrix as strings
makeFilteredImList Make filtered im list from phase 3 im list
makePhaseOneOrderedRM Order rules according to phase one importance ranking
makePhaseThreeImList Make phase 3 im list from phase 2 im list
makePhaseTwoImList Output list of top rule sets for each k in 1:k.max
makeSubCoreList Get list of core rules from random subsets of samples
skcm.list Example data set derived from TCGA skin cutaneous melanoma (SKCM) data.