Annotate the Gene Symbols for Probes in Expression Array

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Documentation for package ‘AnnoProbe’ version 0.1.7

Help Pages

annoGene Annotate gene IDs according to GTF files in gencode
checkGPL Check whether the input gpl in our platform list or not
check_diff_genes Check a list of genes how they show difference.
deg_heatmap draw a heatmap for DEG result
deg_volcano draw a volcano for DEG result
filterEM Filter expression matrix based on annotation
geoChina Download expression dataset by GSE id
getGPLList Get all GPL list in our package 'getGPLList' returns all the GPL number checklist stored in package
GSE27533 An example dataset
GSE95166 An example dataset
idmap Get Probe Annotation
printGPLInfo Print GPL information