Exploratory Factor Analysis Functions for Assessing Dimensionality

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EFA.dimensions-package EFA.dimensions
COMPLEXITY Factor solution complexity
CONGRUENCE Factor solution congruence
data_Field data_Field
data_Harman Correlation matrix from Harman (1967, p. 80).
data_RSE Item-level dataset for the Rosenberg Self-Esteem scale
data_TabFid data_TabFid
DIMTESTS Tests for the number of factors
EMPKC The empirical Kaiser criterion method
EXTENSION_FA Extension factor analysis
FACTORABILITY Factorability of a correlation matrix
IMAGE_FA Image factor analysis
INTERNAL.CONSISTENCY Internal consistency reliability coefficients
LOCALDEP Local dependence
MAP Velicer's minimum average partial (MAP) test
MAXLIKE_FA Maximum likelihood factor analysis
NEVALSGT1 The number of eigenvalues greater than 1
PARALLEL Parallel analysis of eigenvalues (random data only)
PA_FA Principal axis (common) factor analysis
PCA Principal components analysis
POLYCHORIC_R Polychoric correlation matrix
PROCRUSTES Procrustes factor rotation
PROMAX promax rotation
RAWPAR Parallel analysis of eigenvalues (for raw data)
ROOTFIT Factor fit coefficients
SALIENT Salient loadings criterion for the number of factors
SCREE_PLOT Scree plot of eigenvalues
SESCREE Standard Error Scree test
SMT Sequential chi-square model tests
VARIMAX varimax rotation