Impute and Analyze Data with BLOQ Observations

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Documentation for package ‘BLOQ’ version 0.1-1

Help Pages

estimateAUCandStdErr Estimate AUC and its standard error
estimateAUCwithCMLperTimePoint estimate AUC with censored maximum likelihood per time point
estimateAUCwithFullCML estimate AUC with Full censored maximum likelihood
estimateAUCwithMVNCML estimate AUC with multivariate normal censored maximum likelihood
estimateAUCwithPairwiseCML estimate AUCwith pairwise censored maximum likelihood
imputeBLOQ impute BLOQ's with various methods
imputeCML imputing BLOQ's using censored maximum likelihood
imputeConstant imputing BLOQ's with a constant value
imputeKernelDensityEstimation imputing BLOQ's using kernel density estimation
imputeROS imputing BLOQ's using regression on order statistics
simulateBealModelFixedEffects simulate data from Beal model with fixed effects
simulateBealModelMixedEffects simulate data from Beal model with fixed and random effects