Toolkit for Encryption, Signatures and Certificates Based on OpenSSL

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Documentation for package ‘openssl’ version 2.1.1

Help Pages

openssl-package Toolkit for Encryption, Signatures and Certificates based on OpenSSL
aes_cbc Symmetric AES encryption
aes_cbc_decrypt Symmetric AES encryption
aes_cbc_encrypt Symmetric AES encryption
aes_ctr_decrypt Symmetric AES encryption
aes_ctr_encrypt Symmetric AES encryption
aes_gcm_decrypt Symmetric AES encryption
aes_gcm_encrypt Symmetric AES encryption
aes_keygen Symmetric AES encryption
base64_decode Encode and decode base64
base64_encode Encode and decode base64
bcrypt_pbkdf Bcrypt PWKDF
bignum Big number arithmetic
bignum_mod_exp Big number arithmetic
bignum_mod_inv Big number arithmetic
blake2b Vectorized hash/hmac functions
blake2s Vectorized hash/hmac functions
ca_bundle X509 certificates
certificates X509 certificates
cert_verify X509 certificates
curve25519 Curve25519
decrypt_envelope Envelope encryption
download_ssl_cert X509 certificates
dsa_keygen Generate Key pair
ecdsa_parse Signatures
ecdsa_write Signatures
ec_dh Diffie-Hellman Key Agreement
ec_keygen Generate Key pair
ed25519_keygen Generate Key pair
ed25519_sign Curve25519
ed25519_verify Curve25519
encrypt Low-level RSA encryption
encrypt_envelope Envelope encryption
envelope Envelope encryption
fingerprint OpenSSH fingerprint
fips_mode OpenSSL Configuration Info
hash Vectorized hash/hmac functions
hashing Vectorized hash/hmac functions
hmac Vectorized hash/hmac functions
keygen Generate Key pair
mac Vectorized hash/hmac functions
md4 Vectorized hash/hmac functions
md5 Vectorized hash/hmac functions
multihash Vectorized hash/hmac functions
my_key Default key
my_pubkey Default key
openssl Toolkit for Encryption, Signatures and Certificates based on OpenSSL
openssl_config OpenSSL Configuration Info
pfx PKCS7 / PKCS12 bundles
pkcs12 PKCS7 / PKCS12 bundles
pkcs7_decrypt Encrypt/decrypt pkcs7 messages
pkcs7_encrypt Encrypt/decrypt pkcs7 messages
rand_bytes Generate random bytes and numbers with OpenSSL
rand_num Generate random bytes and numbers with OpenSSL
read_cert Parsing keys and certificates
read_cert_bundle Parsing keys and certificates
read_ed25519_key Curve25519
read_ed25519_pubkey Curve25519
read_key Parsing keys and certificates
read_p12 PKCS7 / PKCS12 bundles
read_p7b PKCS7 / PKCS12 bundles
read_pem Parsing keys and certificates
read_pubkey Parsing keys and certificates
read_x25519_key Curve25519
read_x25519_pubkey Curve25519
ripemd160 Vectorized hash/hmac functions
rsa Low-level RSA encryption
rsa_decrypt Low-level RSA encryption
rsa_encrypt Low-level RSA encryption
rsa_keygen Generate Key pair
sha1 Vectorized hash/hmac functions
sha2 Vectorized hash/hmac functions
sha224 Vectorized hash/hmac functions
sha256 Vectorized hash/hmac functions
sha3 Vectorized hash/hmac functions
sha384 Vectorized hash/hmac functions
sha512 Vectorized hash/hmac functions
signatures Signatures
signature_create Signatures
signature_verify Signatures
ssl_ctx Hooks to manipulate the SSL context for curl requests
ssl_ctx_add_cert_to_store Hooks to manipulate the SSL context for curl requests
ssl_ctx_curl_version_match Hooks to manipulate the SSL context for curl requests
ssl_ctx_set_verify_callback Hooks to manipulate the SSL context for curl requests
write_der Export key or certificate
write_openssh_pem Export key or certificate
write_p12 PKCS7 / PKCS12 bundles
write_p7b PKCS7 / PKCS12 bundles
write_pem Export key or certificate
write_pkcs1 Export key or certificate
write_ssh Export key or certificate
x25519_diffie_hellman Curve25519
x25519_keygen Generate Key pair