R Wrapper for 'agena.ai' API

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Documentation for package ‘agena.ai’ version 1.1.1

Help Pages

calculate Calculate posterior probabilities in a BN on agena.ai cloud
create_batch_cases Create a json file of a BN model with observations
create_csv_template Create a CSV template for a model for batch observations
create_sensitivity_config Create configuration object for sensitivity analysis
Dataset Dataset
Dataset-class Dataset
from_cmpx Load a Model from CMPX
generate_cmpx Generate a CMPX file from R Model
local_api_activate_license Local agena.ai developer license activation
local_api_batch_calculate Local agena.ai API model calculation for batch cases
local_api_calculate Local agena.ai API model calculation
local_api_clone Local agena.ai API clone
local_api_compile Local agena.ai API compilation
local_api_sensitivity Local agena.ai API sensitivity analysis
login Login to agena.ai cloud
Model BN Model object
Model-class BN Model object
Network BN Network object
Network-class BN Network object
Node BN Node object
Node-class BN Node object
sensitivity_analysis Sensitivity analysis on agena.ai cloud