Interface for 'All of Us' Researcher Workbench

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Documentation for package ‘allofus’ version 1.1.0

Help Pages

aou_atlas_cohort Retrieve a cohort from ATLAS for use in All of Us
aou_bucket_to_workspace Move files from a bucket to your workspace
aou_codebook All of Us Modified Codebook
aou_collect Collect a tbl object and convert integer64 columns to double
aou_compute Compute a dplyr tbl SQL query into a temp table
aou_concept_set Get occurrences of a concept set from AoU for a given cohort
aou_connect Create a connection to the database in All of Us
aou_create_temp_table Creates a temporary table from a local data frame or tibble
aou_health_history All of Us Health History Codebook
aou_join Join current query to another table
aou_ls_bucket List the current files in your bucket
aou_ls_workspace List the current files in your workspace
aou_observation_period Generate an observation period table
aou_session_info Print session information for the AoU R environment
aou_sql Execute a SQL query on the All of Us database
aou_survey Function to query allofus observation table for survey responses
aou_tables List tables in the AoU Database
aou_table_info Table of tables, columns, and use for researchers from the CT data dictionary
aou_workspace_to_bucket Save a file from your workspace to your bucket