Preparation of Object Dating Ranges for Density Plots (Aoristic Analysis)

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Documentation for package ‘datplot’ version 1.0.0

Help Pages

Beazley Beazley (sample of 1000)
calculate.outputrows Calculate output rows (internal)
check.number Check for numbers (internal)
check.structure Check the Structure to be compatible with datsteps() (internal)
create.sub.objects Create sub-objects for each object in a dataframe (internal)
datsteps Create 'steps' of dates for each object in a dataframe
DAT_df datplot Testing data
generate.stepsize Determine stepsize (internal)
get.histogramscale Scaling Factor for Combined Histogramm Plots
get.step.sequence Calculate the sequence of dating steps (internal)
get.weights Calculate the weights for each dated object (internal)
Inscr_Bithynia Inscr_Bithynia
scaleweight Scales the content of a column according to group membership Switch values where dating is in wrong order (internal)