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Documentation for package ‘attempt’ version 0.3.1

Help Pages

attempt-package attempt package
attempt Attempt
discreetly discretly
discretly discretly
if_all Test for all, any or none
if_any Test for all, any or none
if_else If this, then that
if_none Test for all, any or none
if_not If this, then that
if_then If this, then that
is_try_error Is the element of class "try-error"?
map_try_catch Try Catch
map_try_catch_df Try Catch
message_if Warn if
message_if_all Warn if
message_if_any Warn if
message_if_none Warn if
message_if_not Warn if
on_error Add a function to be run on error
silently Silently
silent_attempt Silently attempt
stop_if Warn if
stop_if_all Warn if
stop_if_any Warn if
stop_if_none Warn if
stop_if_not Warn if
surely surely
try_catch Try Catch
try_catch_df Try Catch
warn_if Warn if
warn_if_all Warn if
warn_if_any Warn if
warn_if_none Warn if
warn_if_not Warn if
without_message Manipulate messages and warnings
without_warning Manipulate messages and warnings
with_message Manipulate messages and warnings
with_warning Manipulate messages and warnings