Species Identification using DNA Barcodes

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Documentation for package ‘BarcodingR’ version 1.0-3

Help Pages

barcodes.eval Barcodes Evaluation
barcoding.gap Barcoding Gap Calculation
barcoding.spe.identify Species Identification using Protein-coding Barcodes
barcoding.spe.identify2 Species Identification Based on Fuzzy-set Method and kmer
bbsik Bp Barcoding Species Identify using Kmer
char2NumVector Character to Integer Vector
compare2delimitations Comparision between two Delimitations
consensus.identify Consensus Identification
digitize.DNA Digitize DNAbin
DNAbin2kmerFreqMatrix Calculation of Kmer Frequency Matrix from DNAbin for Both Reference and Query Sequences
FMF Fuzzy Membership Function Value
FMFtheta12 Calculate Intraspecific and Interspecific Variation
NAMES Extracts Lables of Samples
optimize.kmer Optimize kmer Length
pineMothCOI pine Moth COI
pineMothITS1 pine Moth ITS1
pineMothITS2 pine Moth ITS2
sample.ref Sample Random Datasets from References (DNAbin)
save.ids Save Identifications
summarize.ref Summarize Reference Data
TDR2 TDR2 Species Membership Value
TibetanMoth Tibetan Moth