Datasets and Supplemental Functions from Bayes Rules! Book

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Documentation for package ‘bayesrules’ version 0.0.2

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airbnb Chicago AirBnB Data
airbnb_small Chicago AirBnB Data
bald_eagles Bald Eagle Count Data
basketball WNBA Basketball Data
bechdel Bechdel Test for over 1500 movies
big_word_club Big Word Club (BWC)
bikes Capital Bikeshare Bike Ridership
bike_users Capital Bikeshare Bike Ridership (Registered and Casual Riders)
bird_counts Bird Counts Data
book_banning Book Banning Data
cherry_blossom_sample Cherry Blossom Running Race
classification_summary Posterior Classification Summaries
classification_summary_cv Cross-Validated Posterior Classification Summaries
climbers_sub Himalayan Climber Data
coffee_ratings Coffee Ratings Data
coffee_ratings_small Coffee Ratings Data
equality_index LGBTQ+ Rights Laws by State
fake_news A collection of 150 news articles
football Football Brain Measurements
hotel_bookings Hotel Bookings Data
loons Loon Count Data
moma Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) data
moma_sample Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) data sample
naive_classification_summary Posterior Classification Summaries for a Naive Bayes model
naive_classification_summary_cv Cross-Validated Posterior Classification Summaries for a Naive Bayes model
penguins_bayes Penguins Data
plot_beta Plot a Beta Model for pi
plot_beta_binomial Plot a Beta-Binomial Bayesian Model
plot_beta_ci Plot a Beta Model with Credible Interval
plot_binomial_likelihood Plot a Binomial Likelihood Function
plot_gamma Plot a Gamma Model for lambda
plot_gamma_poisson Plot a Gamma-Poisson Bayesian Model
plot_normal Plot a Normal Model for mu
plot_normal_likelihood Plot a Normal Likelihood Function
plot_normal_normal Plot a Normal-Normal Bayesian model
plot_poisson_likelihood Plot a Poisson Likelihood Function
pop_vs_soda Pop vs Soda vs Coke
prediction_summary Posterior Predictive Summaries
prediction_summary_cv Cross-Validated Posterior Predictive Summaries
pulse_of_the_nation Cards Against Humanity's Pulse of the Nation Survey
sample_mode Sample Mode
spotify Spotify Song Data
summarize_beta Summarize a Beta Model for pi
summarize_beta_binomial Summarize a Beta-Binomial Bayesian model
summarize_gamma Summarize a Gamma Model for lambda
summarize_gamma_poisson Summarize the Gamma-Poisson Model
summarize_normal_normal Summarize a Normal-Normal Bayesian model
voices Voice Pitch Data
weather_australia Weather Data for 3 Australian Cities
weather_perth Weather Data for Perth, Australia
weather_WU Weather Data for 2 Australian Cities