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Documentation for package ‘act’ version 1.3.1

Help Pages

act Aligned Corpus Toolkit
annotations_all All annotations in a corpus
annotations_delete Delete annotations
annotations_delete_empty Delete empty annotations
annotations_matrix Search and replace contents of annotations using a matrix
annotations_replace_copy Search, replace and copy the contents of annotations
corpus-class Corpus object
corpus_export Export transcripts of a corpus
corpus_import Import annotation files into corpus object
corpus_new Create a new corpus object
examplecorpus Example corpus for the act package
export_eaf Export a transcript object to a 'ELAN' .eaf file
export_exb Export a transcript object to a 'EXMARaLDA' .exb file
export_printtranscript Export a transcript object to a print transcript
export_rpraat Export a transcript object to a 'rPraat' TextGrid object
export_srt Export a transcript object to a .srt subtitle file
export_textgrid Export a transcript object to a 'Praat' .TextGrid file
helper_format_time Formats time as HH:MM:SS,mmm
helper_tiers_merge_tables Helper: Merge tier tables
helper_tiers_new_table Helper: Create a tier table
helper_tiers_sort_table Helper: Sort a tier table
helper_transcriptNames_get Helper: Get names of all transcripts in a corpus
helper_transcriptNames_make Helper: Makes valid names for all transcripts in a corpus
helper_transcriptNames_set Helper: Set names of all transcripts in a corpus
import Import a single annotation file
import_eaf Import a single 'ELAN' '*.eaf' file
import_exb Import a single 'EXMARaLDA' .exb file
import_rpraat Import a single 'rPraat' TextGrid object
import_textgrid Import a single 'Praat' .TextGrid file
info Information about corpus and transcript objects
info_summarized Summarized information about corpus and transcript objects
layout-class Layout object, defining the layout of print transcripts
matrix_load Load replacement matrix
matrix_save Save replacement matrix
media_assign Assign media file links to transcript objects
media_delete Delete media files links from transcript objects
media_getPathToExistingFile Gets the path of a media file for a transcript
options_delete delete all options set by the package from R options
options_reset Reset options to default values
options_show Options of the package
search-class Search object
search_concordance Make concordance for search results
search_cuts Create print transcripts, media cutlists and srt subtitles for all search results
search_cuts_media Create cut lists for 'FFmpeg'
search_cuts_printtranscript Create print transcripts for all search results
search_cuts_srt Create .srt subtitles for all search results
search_makefilter Makes a filter for transcript and tier names
search_new Create a new search
search_openresult_inelan Open a search result in 'ELAN'
search_openresult_inpraat Open a search result in 'Praat'
search_openresult_inquicktime Open a search result in 'Quicktime' (and play it)
search_playresults_inquicktime Open all search results in 'Quicktime' and play them
search_results_export Exports search results
search_results_import Import search results
search_run Run a search
search_searchandopen_inpraat Search corpus and open first result in Praat
search_sub Add a sub search to a prior search
search_transcript_content Search in original content of a single transcript
search_transcript_fulltext Search in full text of a single transcript
tiers_add Add tiers
tiers_all All tiers in a corpus
tiers_convert Convert tiers
tiers_delete Delete tiers
tiers_rename Rename tiers
tiers_sort Reorder tiers in all transcripts of a corpus
transcript-class transcript object
transcripts_add Add transcripts to a corpus
transcripts_cure Cure all transcript objects in a corpus
transcripts_cure_single Cure a single transcript
transcripts_delete Delete transcripts from a corpus
transcripts_filter Filter all transcripts in a corpus
transcripts_filter_single Filter a single transcript
transcripts_merge Merge several transcripts
transcripts_merge2 Merge several transcripts (works with transcript objects directly)
transcripts_rename Rename transcripts in a corpus
transcripts_update_fulltexts Update full texts
transcripts_update_normalization Normalize transcriptions