Efficient Implementation of Binary Segmentation

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Documentation for package ‘binsegRcpp’ version 2023.8.31

Help Pages

binseg Binary segmentation
binsegRcpp Binary segmentation
binseg_interface binseg interface
binseg_normal Binary segmentation, normal change in mean
binseg_normal_cv Binary segmentation, normal change in mean, cross-validation for model selection
case.colors case colors
case.sizes case sizes
check_sizes check sizes
coef.binsegRcpp coef binsegRcpp
coef.binseg_normal_cv coef binseg normal cv
cum_median cum median
cum_median_interface cum median interface
depth_first_interface depth first interface
get_complexity get complexity
get_complexity_best_heuristic_equal_breadth_full get complexity best heuristic equal breadth full
get_complexity_best_heuristic_equal_depth_full get complexity best heuristic equal depth full
get_complexity_best_optimal_cost get complexity best optimal cost
get_complexity_best_optimal_splits get complexity best optimal splits
get_complexity_best_optimal_tree get complexity best optimal tree
get_complexity_empirical get complexity empirical
get_complexity_extreme get complexity extreme
get_complexity_worst get complexity worst
get_distribution_info get distribution info
get_tree_empirical get tree empirical
plot.binsegRcpp plot binsegRcpp
plot.binseg_normal_cv plot binseg normal cv
plot.complexity plot complexity
print.binsegRcpp print binsegRcpp
print.binseg_normal_cv print binseg normal cv
qp.x qp x
random_set_vec random set vec
size_to_splits size to splits
tree_layout tree layout