Classification and Clustering of Preference Rankings

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Documentation for package ‘ConsRankClass’ version 1.0.1

Help Pages

cca K-Median Cluster Component Analysis
ccacontrol Utility function
EVS European Values Studies (EVS) data
fuzzyconcordance Normalized Degree of Concordance (NDC) and Adjusted Concordance Index (ACI)
getsubtree Determine a tree from the main tree-based structure
Irish Irish Election data set
layouttree Utility function
nodepath Path of a terminal node
plot.ranktree Plot tree-based structure or pruning sequence of ranktree
predict.ranktree Predict the median rankings for new observations
print.cca S3 methods for cca
print.ranktree S3 methods for ranktree
ranktree Recursive partitioning method for the prediction of preference rankings based upon Kemeny distances
ranktreecontrol Utility function
summary.cca S3 methods for ranktree
summary.ranktree S3 methods for ranktree
treepaths Path of a terminal node
Univranks University rankings dataset.
validatetree Validation of the tree for preference rankings