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Documentation for package ‘EDCimport’ version 0.4.1

Help Pages

assert_no_duplicate Assert that a dataset has one row per patient
check_subjid Check the completion of the subject ID column
data_example Example databases
edc_example Example databases
edc_example_mixed Example databases
edc_example_plot Example databases
edc_options Set global options for 'EDCimport'
edc_peek_options See which 'EDCimport' option is currently set.
edc_reset_options Reset all 'EDCimport' options.
edc_swimmerplot Swimmer plot of all dates columns
extend_lookup Extend the lookup table
find_keyword Find a keyword in the whole database
get_datasets Retrieve the datasets as a list of data.frames
get_key_cols Important column names
get_lookup Generate a lookup table
load_as_list Load a '.RData' file as a list
load_list Load a list in an environment
manual_correction Manual correction
read_tm_all_xpt Read all '.xpt' files in a directory
read_trialmaster Read the '.zip' archive of a TrialMaster export
reset_manual_correction Manual correction
save_list Save a list as '.RData' file
split_mixed_datasets Split mixed datasets
unify Unify a vector