Tools for Choice Model Estimation and Application

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Documentation for package ‘apollo’ version 0.2.8

Help Pages

.onAttach Prints package startup message
apollo_addCovariance Adds covariance matrix to Apollo model
apollo_attach Attaches predefined variables.
apollo_avgInterDraws Averages across inter-individual draws.
apollo_avgIntraDraws Averages across intra-individual draws.
apollo_basTest Ben-Akiva & Swait test
apollo_bootstrap Bootstrap a model
apollo_checkArguments Checks definitions of Apollo functions
apollo_choiceAnalysis Reports market share for subsamples
apollo_classAlloc Calculates class allocation probabilities for a Latent Class model
apollo_cnl Calculates Cross-Nested Logit probabilities
apollo_combineModels Combines separate model components.
apollo_combineResults Write model results to file
apollo_compareInputs Compares the content of apollo_inputs to their counterparts in the global environment
apollo_conditionals Calculates conditionals
apollo_deltaMethod Delta method for Apollo models
apollo_detach Detaches parameters and the database.
apollo_dft Calculate DFT probabilities
apollo_diagnostics Pre-process input for common models return
apollo_drugChoiceData Simulated dataset of medication choice.
apollo_dVdB Calculates gradients of utility functions
apollo_dVdB2 Calculates gradients of utility functions
apollo_el Calculates Exploded Logit probabilities
apollo_estimate Estimates model
apollo_estimateHB Estimates model using Bayesian estimation
apollo_expandLoop Expands loops in a function or expression
apollo_firstRow Keeps only the first row for each individual
apollo_fitsTest Compares log-likelihood of model across categories
apollo_fmnl Calculates Fractional Multinomial Logit probabilities
apollo_initialise Prepares environment
apollo_insertComponentName Adds componentName2 to model calls
apollo_insertFunc Modifies function to make it compatible with analytic gradients
apollo_insertRows Inserts rows
apollo_insertRRMQuotes Introduces quotes into rrm_settings
apollo_insertScaling Scales variables inside a function
apollo_keepRows Keeps only some rows
apollo_lc Calculates the likelihood of a latent class model
apollo_lcConditionals Calculates conditionals for latent class models.
apollo_lcEM Uses EM for latent class model
apollo_lcUnconditionals Returns unconditionals for a latent class model model
apollo_llCalc Calculates log-likelihood of all model components
apollo_loadModel Loads model from file
apollo_longToWide Converts data from long to wide format.
apollo_lrTest Likelihood ratio test
apollo_makeCluster Creates cluster for estimation.
apollo_makeDraws Creates draws for models with mixing
apollo_makeGrad Creates gradient function.
apollo_makeLogLike Creates log-likelihood function.
apollo_mdcev Calculates MDCEV likelihoods
apollo_mdcev2 Calculates MDCEV likelihoods
apollo_mdcnev Calculates MDCNEV likelihoods
apollo_mixConditionals Calculates conditionals for continuous mixture models
apollo_mixEM Uses EM for models with continuous random coefficients
apollo_mixUnconditionals Returns draws for continuously distributed random parameters in mixture model
apollo_mlhs Generate random draws using MLHS algorithm
apollo_mnl Calculates Multinomial Logit probabilities
apollo_modeChoiceData Simulated dataset of mode choice.
apollo_modelOutput Prints estimation results to console
apollo_modifyUserDefFunc Checks and modifies Apollo user-defined functions
apollo_nl Calculates Nested Logit probabilities
apollo_normalDensity Calculates density for a Normal distribution
apollo_ol Calculates Ordered Logit probabilities
apollo_op Calculates Ordered Probit probabilities
apollo_outOfSample Cross-validation of fit (LL)
apollo_panelProd Calculates product across observations from same individual.
apollo_prediction Predicts using an estimated model
apollo_prepareProb Checks likelihood function
apollo_preprocess Pre-process input for multiple models return
apollo_print Prints message to terminal
apollo_readBeta Reads parameters from file
apollo_rrm Calculates Random Regret Minimisation model probabilities
apollo_saveOutput Saves estimation results to files.
apollo_searchStart Searches for better starting values.
apollo_setRows Sets specified rows to a given value
apollo_sharesTest Compares predicted and observed shares
apollo_sink Starts or stops writing output to a text file.
apollo_speedTest Measures evaluation time of a model
apollo_swissRouteChoiceData Dataset of route choice.
apollo_timeUseData Dataset of time use.
apollo_unconditionals Returns unconditionals for models with random heterogeneity
apollo_validate Pre-process input for common models return
apollo_validateControl Validates apollo_control
apollo_validateData Validates data
apollo_validateHBControl Validates the 'apollo_HB' list of parameters
apollo_validateInputs Prepares input for 'apollo_estimate'
apollo_varcov Calculates variance-covariance matrix of an Apollo model
apollo_varList Lists variable names and definitions used inside a function
apollo_weighting Applies weights
apollo_writeF12 Writes an F12 file
apollo_writeTheta Writes the vector [beta,ll] to a file called 'modelname_iterations.csv'