Data Science for Wind Energy

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Documentation for package ‘DSWE’ version 1.8.2

Help Pages

AMK Additive Multiplicative Kernel Regression
ComparePCurve Power curve comparison
ComputeWeightedDifference Percentage weighted difference between power curves
CovMatch Covariate Matching
data1 Wind Energy data set containing 47,542 data points
data2 Wind Energy data set containing 48,068 data points
deltaEnergy Energy decomposition for wind turbine performance comparison
funGP Function comparison using Gaussian Process and Hypothesis testing
imptPower Power imputation
KnnPCFit KNN : Fit
KnnPredict KNN : Predict
KnnUpdate KNN : Update
predict.tempGP predict from temporal Gaussian process
SplinePCFit Smoothing spline Anova method
SvmPCFit SVM based power curve modelling
syncSize Data synchronization
tempGP temporal Gaussian process
updateData Updating data in a model
updateData.tempGP Update the data in a tempGP object
XgbPCFit xgboost based power curve modelling