Database Management with R

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Documentation for package ‘dabr’ version 0.0.4

Help Pages

attributes Combine attributes
close_conn Close connection to database
close_conn.default Close connection to database
close_conn.MariaDBConnection Close connection to database
delete Execute 'DELETE' query
delete.MariaDBConnection Execute 'DELETE' query
get_attr Get attributes of a table
get_attr.MariaDBConnection Get attributes of a table
insert Execute 'INSERT' query
insert.MariaDBConnection Execute 'INSERT' query
is.connected Verify connection
is.connected.MariaDBConnection Verify connection
list_tables List tables
list_tables.MariaDBConnection List tables
open_conn_mysql Connect to database
quote Add single quotes
select Execute 'SELECT' query
select.MariaDBConnection Execute 'SELECT' query
select_all Select all the records
select_all.MariaDBConnection Select all the records
update Execute 'UPDATE' query
update.MariaDBConnection Execute 'UPDATE' query