Analysis of Chemical Degradation Kinetic Data

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Documentation for package ‘chemdeg’ version 0.1.2

Help Pages

AICC Akaike Information Criterion With Correction
chiquad_red Reduced chi-squared
det_order Determining reaction order and kinetic formula
FOMT First-Order Multi-Target model regression
fomtdata Total CQA with ascorbic acid (FOMT model)
FOMTm First-Order Multi-Target model
f_gen Formula of an n-order model.
goodness_of_fit Goodness-of-fit, non-linear regression
kin_regr Degradation kinetics
ord1 First order kinetic data
par_est_FOMT First-Order Multi-Target parameter starting values
phase_space Phase space, linearized model
plot_ord Plot of phase space and kinetic curve
results Summary of 'ord_res' object
urfa Urfa pepper ascorbic acid degradation (2-nd order)