Organising and Analysing Eye-Tracking Data

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Documentation for package ‘eyeTrackR’ version 1.0.1

Help Pages Analyse behavioural data
analyse.calculate.means Generic function for calculating means
analyse.fix.count Analyse mean fixation count
analyse.fix.duration Analyse mean fixation duration
analyse.fix.first_duration Analyse first fixation duration
analyse.fix.totaltime Analyse total fixation time
analyse.sac.amplitude Analyse saccade amplitude
analyse.visit.count Analyse visit count
fixationreport Example fixation report dataset
messagereport Example message report dataset
organise.behavioural.base Save RT and Accuracy split by specified columns.
organise.checks.random_trial Return a randomly selected trial for detailed checks.
organise.contingencies.descriptives Descriptive statistics of fixation contingencies.
organise.exclusions.fix_durations Exclude very brief and very long fixations.
organise.message.descriptives Descriptive statistics for messages in message report.
organise.message.fix_contingencies Oganise and markup fixation contingencies.
organise.message.markup Markup trial messages.
organise.message.removals Remove trials which fail to have all of the listed messages.
organise.message.replace_spaces Replace spaces in message report message with underscores.
organise.message.return_specific Return trials where a specific message is found.
organise.responses.markup Mark up responses into a fixation report.